Dr. Sibley earned his doctorate degree from Cleveland Chiropractic University in Kansas City; completed post-doctoral work in carpal tunnel syndrome at Mally Institute in Chicago; is accredited by Waseda Acupuncture College in Tokyo; and is a Fellow in the Acupuncture Society of America. Dr. Sibley is the past director for Chiropractic for Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Southcrest Hospital.

Severe pain from his own headaches introduced Dr. Sibley to chiropractic medicine over 20 years ago. The compelling results of his own treatment, coupled with an interest in natural health, inspired him to leave his profession in corporate petroleum research and pursue a career in chiropractic. Today, Dr. Sibley’s practice thrives and is acknowledged throughout the field as a benchmark of excellence in care with results for patients worldwide.

Dr. Sibley’s chiropractic expertise has been sought by a variety of celebrated personalities, but his attention to detail as well as respecting your time makes this clinic a favorite.