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While some seek all the answers to life's health problems at the neighborhood pharmacy, more and more people universally subscribe to a painless, drug-free approach to healthy living, recognizing that the potential for good health exists within the person.  Although Dr. Sibley believes in the importance of medication, he believes in giving the body a chance to heal itself first.  Through chiropractic, this potential or "life force" of the body is freed from interference, allowing for maximum health through the body's innate ability to restore itself to health.

Acting as the body's alarm system, pain results from weak or damaged tissue cells, or by interference with the nerve impulse from a misaligned vertebra.  By correcting the subluxation (misalignment of the vertebra), Dr. Sibley treats the cause of pain, versus merely treating the symptoms.

"Too often, conventional treatment masks pain while the core problem worsens."  After restoring normal nerve supply to tissue, healing occurs and the opportunity for staying healthy improves.  For maintaining comfort achieved through treatment, and exercise and nutrition program is also prescribed.

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